MISOCA Inc. (Formerly Mechworks Systems Inc. 2000-2012) is a consulting firm specializing in Mechatronics Engineering Applications. MISOCA’s technology is applicable to a wide and growing range of markets including automotive, industrial, medical and aerospace. MISOCA provides a wide range of consulting services in the field of Mechatronics1, including Mechanical Design, Control Systems, Sensor Design and Integration, as well as fault diagnostics consulting and advisory services, and customized total solutions.

Founded by Dr. Farid Golnaraghi, MISOCA is successfully growing its reputation as a solutions provider. Our strong connection to the University of Waterloo and Simon Fraser University and our growing team of consulting/partner professors is constantly opening up opportunities to leverage the intellectual property/perspective and brand image that this alignment facilitates.

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Mechatronic Systems Engineering integrates three engineering fields – mechanical, electrical and software engineering – to address growing demand for efficiency in the high-tech world. Instead of calling upon three different areas of engineering to design or develop products, such as a digital camera or an anti-lock brake system, it can all be done by one field—mechatronics.

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